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Description of Finishes

"B" Finish - Is a decorative technique that goes back to the time when craftsmen, with just a few touches of "patina" were able to give surprising depth to the details of a sculpture. Painters at the Florence Sculture d'Arte developed the "B" finish to effect a replication of the "natural" patina of marble sculpture that has, for a period of time, been exposed to all kinds of weather conditions.

"C" Finish - A brilliantly luminous, full-color finish requiring the kinds of painterly skills and sensitivity that are needed to achieve artistic levels which enhance an Armani sculpture.

"E" Finish - The highly decorative coloration of the "E" finish is both charming and delightful. Original patterns and striking mosaic effects make this a most unique finish.

"F" Finish - Uses one color (e.g. white or any of the other restrained tonalities). The flesh tones of the figurine's exposed skin are dominant.

"M" Finish - Is a metallic (bronze) finish covering a select few of Giuseppe Armani/ Florence Sculture d'Arte's sculptures. This elegantly classic bronze finish accentuates and highlights each of these dazzling sculptures.

"P" Finish - Is characterized by the use of delicate, pure-pastel hues. Harsh and/or dramatic color-contrast do not happen here. Instead, colors blend and meld creating a soft and calming effect.

"S" Finish - Is the designation used for the African-American figurines. The "S" finish also denotes the "Wildlife" series. Careful observation and focused evaluations of naturalistic color variances guided the selection of this special finish which is difficult to achieve.

"T" Finish - The soil of Tuscany, the "art" region of Italy, abounds in clay. In its raw state, clay is grayish in color. When fired, some clay becomes a warm, brick-red; other clays of the region become a warm, earthy taupe when treated. Clay that has been processed is called "Terra-Cotta" (which in Latin means "fired earth"). Innumerable works of art have been formed from this terra-cotta. It is believed that only in the medium of terra-cotta can one actually sense the hands of the artist molding his sculpture. This particularly prized material has inspired the "T" finish of Giuseppe Armani and the Florence Sculture d'Arte.

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